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This week, on the seventy-first anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, an article I wrote about the heroism of my grandmother was published by Narratively.   A friend posted on his Facebook page a reminder of why telling these stories is so important.

" ...a powerful piece of family history that can remind all of us of the horrors of fascism that we hear echoing in our political dialogues today as well as the bright moments of humanity that sometimes shine through."  
When we hear hateful speech against those fleeing wars, bombs, killings, or against women wearing headscarves, or men in yarmulkes, let's speak up.  Never Again.


  1. Today I read your article that was published on narratively and honestly felt sad because I had so many questions. So I have just now finished reading every single post you have made in this blog. The range of emotions I felt was exhausting and I have never cried so much for people I have never known until today. I just want to thank you for sharing your journey and you families history it certainly was an eye opener about the horrors the Jewish people faced at the hands of the nazi's but also that one particular SS officer had a heart for one family. Your blog has been a very personal account and very different to what I learnt in high school 20 years ago. So again thank you

  2. Hi,I am lizzie,an editor of a Chinese press in Beijing.I read your story on narratively and it impressed me a lot. Besides, I am very interested in the memoir you are woking on. I wonder when the book will be finished, and is there any publishing house have decided to publish it. I want to introduce the memoir into China.Thank you very much. This is my email address


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