A winter of content

Nearly a year has passed since this journey took flight
New skills learned, old ones shelved, for a time.
Unfathomable twists and turns unravel
A knotted mess on the floor 
Slowly stitched together by many hands
Knitting a patchwork of memory, truth and enlightenment.

Three years ago I created a list of all the things I wanted to achieve in my lifetime and pinned it to an inspiration board near my desk.  It stared at me, guilting me into executing plans.   Some goals have been crossed out - done!  New ones have been added.
Can you embrace your life over the past year?  Did you place a tick next to something on your dream list?
Does something need to change?

Do it now - you only have one life to live.


  1. One thing you don't appear to have done as yet is establish whether the "good nazi" who saved your mother is still alive or now dead. Is that question of no interest to you ? It cannot possibly be a difficult one to which to find the answer.


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