The Book Puzzle

I am trying to cram in as much writing and research as possible before my mother arrives.  She is only here for a few days before we head off to Poland together.

This book thing is like a puzzle that doesn't have a clear ending yet.  It's like one of those balloon toys you might see at a festival or fair - you think you are making a poodle, then you twist and squeeze it a bit, and suddenly it changes shape and out pops a tail or a head, or some unknown orifice.

 Having never done this book thing before, I resort to tools I used in the business world. This morning, I created a story board with all the chunks of chapters I have already written, and all the gaps that still have to be filled.  Now I can move them around and figure out where the head and tail might be and where I need to add some fur.

As you can see, I still have a long way to go.    A good friend of mine who HAS done his before, told me, "a book will reveal itself to you as your write".   How wise she is.  I just wish it would say hello to me a little faster.      Any more words of wisdom from those of you more experienced at this than I?    Please send them my way.

Speaking of fur, yes that is my little darling curled up on her bed near my desk.  My grandmother loved her dogs too.....

P.S.  The book on my desk is "Story of a Secret State" by Jan Karski - an incredible memoir by a heroic Pole who worked in the underground and was captured, tortured and escaped.  Later he was smuggled into the Warsaw ghetto and a concentration camp as part of an effort to get eye witness accounts of what was happening in Poland to the outside world, including briefings with the British government, the UN war crimes commission, and with Roosevelt.


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