Mama comes home

Looking behind, she travels forward.  Many years have passed since January 1944.

 The journey to the convent seemed a long way then.  She remembered it was a German man who took her there, a stranger in a uniform, an SS soldier, possibly of high rank, sporting decorative epaulettes on his shoulders and a black cross neatly placed on his collar, his slim legs stretching  tall  in his shiny black boots . As a young child, the road to yet another place to live was endless.
Her mother had been shot.   Her father arrested.   Auntie and Uncle were screaming as they were taken away and she was left behind in her bed, with her white teddy bear.

The SS man told the Sisters they must protect the child, or they would pay with their lives.
Who was this man to give such a contradictory order for a Jewish child?

Today, a brave woman came home to Suchedniow, Poland to say thank you to the Sisters who protected and raised her during her early years.

She remembered.
Welcome arms circled her and those beside.
Godly love from holy, brave and righteous women
Who took in a dangerous child and nurtured.
Cared for her as their own, in their living quarters, separate from the older children of the orphanage.

The Sister who loved  her as a mother is no longer on this earth.
 We felt her looking down on us, smiling, watching her daughter coming home.

They told us -
You are our Family; we are your Family.

Years later she knows they gave her love and what little food they had, despite their fear.
There is no boundary between Jew, Catholic, Christian.
We are all Polish.
Abraham binds us together, forever, in a circle of love.

This reunion would not have been possible without Joanna, Zbyszek, Iza, Ilana and Dominika - my heartfelt thanks to all of you.


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