Not today

The day I left to travel to New York to see my grandfather's film at the New York Museum of Jewish Heritage, the envelope arrived.   I expected a lot and was in some ways scared to open it in case it failed to reveal the SS commander I am looking for.
I did open it and carefully laid out the prison files on the kitchen bench.  Yes, I was looking at the 1944 prison files of my grandparents. Very official looking, tidy, methodical and planned.
I looked carefully through the documents, which were written in a combination of German and Polish with some illegible script. I could see the false names under which they were arrested, crossed out later with their birth names.   I could see the dates of their arrest, the address of the saw mill in Suchedniow, and, the dates of their release into the Radom Ghetto.   I could see official looking "permission" documents to do certain things, signed by someone representing the Gestapo.   I did see various sets of signatures, but new I would need professional  help from someone specializing in the history and people of that time to match these signatures, if possible, to prosecuted war criminals.   So, I'm waiting again.....


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