Back to Poland we go.

In a few short weeks, my mother will arrive from Australia, and then we fly together to Poland.   It will be a trip filled with  memories of the past for her, a trip with reunions and "thank you's" for the people who saved her.  We will pay tribute to those in our family who survived and those who did not.   It will be a time of renewal and healing, and of building bridges between the past and the future.    It will be a journey of hope.

There are some who think I am mad for trying to build  bridges between peoples who have experienced hatred in its purest form.   To those I say - what other choice do we have?  Do we want to create a world for this and future generations where people can learn to respect and understand each other by learning from  mistakes made in the past?  Or, do we want to  take revenge for those mistakes and segregate ourselves from people who think different from us?   I prefer to take a glass-half-full attitude toward the human race and want to be a bridge builder.

Call me mad if you wish.


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