Was she a good girl?

After my mother's virtual re-union with the Sisters of Suchedniow (see past post), the Sister's looked for more evidence of Joasia.  You might recall that Sister Kornelia who looked after my mother, was terrified of having her photo taken.   When we met them, the Sisters told us no one had ever seen a photo of dear Sister Kornelia.   After we left them, the archives and documents were searched.  The Mother Superior forwarded us this photo of Sister Kornelia, who raised my mother for two years. 

Sister Kornelia -  bottom
Mum when she arrived at the orphanage

As well as this special treasure, they found some diary notes,  recollections of Sister Serafia Adela Rosolinska written by  Sister Wirginia Irena Fudali.  Sister Serafia Adela Rosolinska was a Sister Superior of the house of God’s Providence in Suchedniow in years 1940-1945.  

One day during heavy Jewish victimization a lady came with little, lovely girl who had dark eyes and dark hair.  All arrangements took place with Sister Superior (Sister Serafia Adela Rosolinska) with high discretion and after their conversation little Joasia was left with Sisters for many months.  We only knew one thing that she was a Jewish child which we had to hide and save, but who brought her, from where and who her parents were was a mystery to us. 
The little girl must have come from intelligent family since she was very well raised, very bright and with good conduct.  She was very charming so all Sisters loved her a lot and even sometimes compete for her favors.  Sister Superior chose one particular Sister (Kornelia Jankowska) to take care of little girl and raise her.   
 One day she was taken away from us very mysteriously, the same way she  mysteriously appeared in our home in Suchedniow. It wasn’t safe back then to know too much.  It was enough to just perform the deed of love – to help to save someone’s life.  According to Gospel one must have done it out of love, but because of the circumstances  – to perform it with high discretion.  (thank you Iza for translating)
There is some confusion as to some of the details in this description, as my mother distinctly remembers being brought to the Sisters by a German. And, my grandparents were told that the German Comander from Radom placed my mother with the Sisters. It's possible in their description, they did not wish to disclose this, or a woman accompanied the German.
For those of you who know my mother, what do you think about the description "she was well raised, very bright and with good conduct...very charming.."...?   Go for it and add a comment   on the site!


  1. Sounds about right to me :-)


  2. Like mother, like daughter!! You could charm your way through enemy lines any day Mrs Shaw!!? I am not surprised. Wen xx (ps/ and she still has her charm!)

  3. I agree - all good from my viewpoint. Sorry I am a bit late.

  4. Of course Joan (as we know her) is kind, gracious and loving - interesting how her beginnings are now so obviously displayed in her later life.
    Pam, Sydney


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