What's in a name?

How many of you have ever changed your names?   I don't know of  many, but perhaps you just haven't told me?
My sister was Jackie and changed her spelling to Jacqui.   My friend Victoria I think was born Victoria and didn't like it when people shortened it to Vicki. She's definitely Victoria now.

I visited the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw to learn more about my family.
"What was your grandmothers name?"  the archivist asked.
"Ala or Alicija Mizne.   Married name Dortheimer," I responded.
"No that can't be.  That's not a Jewish name" she said defiantly.
She tapped on her computer keys and then  stated flatly, "Sara.   That's her name.  Sara Mizne".

When did she change her name?  Her marriage record stated Sara.  Her name on the Holocaust survivor list said Alice.  I am still trying to find her Auschwitz and Ravensbruck records.   I am sure they won't say "Sara".

"Your great grandfather's name is Wolf, not Wladyslaw" the archivist reported again.   "They changed their names to Polish names to assimilate.  It was not good to be a Jew".  

Please let me know  in the comments section if YOU have changed your name, and tell my why. (Click through to  http://findingbabcie.blogspot.com  and  comment there)


  1. I was Karen Shaw for a brief period, then I got my mojo back. Sometimes I'm "hey you", "the dogs mother" and "Grumpy-in-the-morning".

  2. I used to be "Mr Shaw". Nowadays, travelling with Karen, I always seem to become "Mr Kirsten" to all the hotel staff. But we do get great service so who am I to complain !



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