Today we found a Babcia

If there was one single goal for this trip, it was to find the nuns who saved my mother, Joasia, during the latter part of the war.  Today we found a Babcia (grandmother).   

Sister Kornelia cared for the only Jewish child in the orphanage of 75 children as if she were her own baby.   She and the other nuns had feared for their lives as the SS or Gestapo had their headquarters in part of their building.   Joasia was placed there by an SS officer who had been interrogating her father and aunt & uncle after they were arrested in Radom, and before they were sent to Auschwitz.   This same SS officer killed and tortured many, in front of my family, so the nuns had good reason to fear him.   He had ordered that Joasia not be moved without his permission.   Why did a killer save this child?  You'll have to wait for the book......   Very few of us know what the horrors of war would make us do. 

Sister Honorata talking to my mother in Australia

Thanks to a very special person I met in Boston a few weeks ago and her friends in Poland who have worked tirelessly making phone calls and trying to piece together the puzzle, today we talked to Sisters who knew Kornelia.  Unfortunately, I was a few years too late to meet Kornelia herself, however I have no doubt that she was looking down upon as as we talked and cried. 


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