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Song for a Child

After my first essay was published, about my search to find the Nazi SS officer who saved my mother, a writer, wife of a former TripAdvisor colleague, contacted me.

“You can’t be shy.   You need to promote yourself,” Jenny wrote.

Jenny and I had connected months earlier, after she’d landed a publishing contract for a novel she’d been working on for years . I was interested in learning about her long journey, and what helped shape her page-turning-book. We met at Jenny's ‘writing cafe,’ a coffee-shop with large tables where she'd regularly set up her laptop and coffee mug and type away for hours.

While I sipped tea, Jenny told me I needed to surround myself with other writers. She told me I’d need  support.   By the time I arrived home, she'd sent me a Facebook invitation, to a closed writing group. I joined a Creative Nonfiction group, a Memoirists group and more.

At first, I feared telling others about my essay––silly given my career building and promoting consumer brands…

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