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A Jewish Christmas Tree

I’d never heard of Hanukah until I moved from Australia to the US years ago. Neighbors and work colleagues took part in Jewish holidays like Hanukah, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. They invited me to eat matzo to remember how Jews overcame the impossible.  Soon after, the itch to find out what happened to my family became a fixation.
As a child in Australia, when December temperatures soared to more than 40C/104F,  my Jewish grandparents invited people to their house for Christmas parties. While I chased my sister and cousins around the garden, adults milled about drinking beer and wine. My grandfather threw steak, prawns (no shrimp) and sausages on the barbie. My grandmother Alicja dished up beetroot (beet) salad.  I don't recall a Christmas tree in their house, but my grandparents gave us Christmas gifts and celebrated the spirit of Christmas too. 
I miss them...
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